Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

For 83 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies have been leaders in health care coverage. Developed to assist financing hospital and physician services, Blue Cross and Blue Shield both continue to provide local leadership with a wide variety of solutions to promote safe, high quality and affordable care.

The designation is based on rigorous, evidence-based, objective selection criteria established with input from expert physicians and medical organizations. Its goal is to help consumers find quality specialty care on a consistent basis, while enabling and encouraging health care professionals to improve the overall quality and delivery of care nationwide.

Here at the Riverside Hearing Aid Center we have been dealing with Blue Cross since the beginning. they are in fact one of the few providers that have been in business longer than the Richardson family. We can answer some of your questions but you can always inform yourself by visiting the new look Blue Cross website. Vist the link http://www.bcbs.com/contact-us/ and be sure contact us if you need any further assistance.


  1. this site is fanstastic. full of information and I just might make the trip from Norco